The company’s social aim is to create employment opportunities for people in alcohol and drug recovery.  Our vision is to be a successful and sustainable catering business that serves its customers, while helping ex-offenders and people affected by all sorts of addiction.  Casa Tua is trustworthy, professional, passionate and imaginative, with a belief that an organisation’s people are its greatest asset.
Casa Tua was set up in 2017 by Ilario Guiducci.  For a boy born in Tuscany, cooking and baking was an essential part of childhood and Ilario’s passion for food grew from there.  He loves eating well himself and his very high standards mean that he would not sell anything he would not be happy to eat himself!
Ilario came to the UK in 1980 and following a difficult period in prison, hit rock bottom, feeling that he’d never lead a normal life again.   As an ex-offender, he thought he would be unemployable for the rest of his life but then discovered a recovery programme that got him back on his feet.  Ilario found through this programme and a couple of job opportunities, that given the chance, coupled with a desire to succeed, anyone can change and he found he was able to turn his life around completely. This year Ilario has been 20 years in recovery.
After a succession of jobs in catering, he set up his own business, Cocoa Delight, and then in 2017 founded Casa Tua Catering CIC.  As well as supplying quality food to a range of customers, he set out to give life chances to others through employment and training opportunities.  He felt this was a way of giving back and for many years now he’s been employing people in recovery.  He feels now is the right time to spread the word about this work.
Casa Tua is a social enterprise, a business model that puts social impact above profit for shareholders. Rigorous business practises, combined with clearly defined values and vision, mean that it’s possible to make money but put it back into the business for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Mission Statement

Casa Tua Catering CIC is a Social Enterprise company, the focus of which is to provide a place of opportunity to people in recovery or ex-offenders. Casa Tua Catering is managed and run by people who have a background in either of these fields.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for people who have had experience of addiction or incarceration and provide them with a way back into the mainstream workplace.

Company registration name: Casa Tua CIC Place of registration: Casa Tua, 105 Eade road, N4 1TJ Registered office address: Casa Tua, 105 Eade road, N4 1TJ Company’s registered number: Contact telephone number: 020 8880 2147 Email address: info@casatuacatering.co.uk